As independent educational consultants, we will:

• Evaluate the student’s academic and personal credentials

• Recommend high school course selections

• Plan the best times for scheduling the SAT Reasoning Test, SAT Subject Tests, ACT and other appropriate standardized tests

• Refer students to qualified tutorial services, as necessary

• Develop a preliminary list of appropriate college choices, taking into consideration diverse factors, such as academic and pre-professional goals, financial considerations, personal, extracurricular and athletic opportunities, and learning style


• Guide families in planning productive, informative college visits

• Explain and assist in the application process, including reviewing applications and essays, conducting interview preparation, recommending supplemental materials which highlight special talents

• Offer guidance in applying for need and merit-based financial aid

• Inform students about creative summer activities, employment opportunities and internship programs

High School Services by Grade Level

9th and 10th grade:

This consultation is designed to assist the student and family in understanding the college admissions process. Special emphasis is placed on reviewing academic history, discussing standardized testing options, course selections for subsequent academic years, summer experience ideas, and developing extracurricular interests and potential leadership opportunities. Throughout the freshman and sophomore years, the student and family can address academic areas for growth, define personal goals and receive any needed support.

11th grade:

Junior year consultations focus on assisting the family in understanding the college admissions process. Much of our work is geared towards developing a balanced and personalized college list and beginning the preliminary application process. Special emphasis is placed on many factors: evaluating academic and extracurricular history, choosing course selections for senior year, identifying a student's passions and interests, crafting a resume, suggesting summer enrichment activities, discussing standardized testing options, identifying areas that need academic support and planning for college visits and interviews.

12th grade:

Senior year consultations build upon prior years' work and additionally include brainstorming for a personal essay, collating application materials, editing and revising college essays, preparing for interviews, further developing a college list, describing the financial aid process, and helping the student evaluate their college offers. Special attention is paid to time lines, deadlines and effective organization techniques.